Stream Cooler Round



Binge-watch without the burn! The Stream Cooler, designed for those piping hot streaming sticks, ensures uninterrupted, smooth streaming sessions. With a nifty round aluminum heatsink and thermal tape, say goodbye to the annoying stutter and freezing. Dive into your favorite shows, minus the meltdown.

  • Clean surface of dust on heatsink and media streamer and dry completely
  • Install by peeling only one side of tape and apply on media streamer
  • Remove backing on other side of tape already attached to media streamer to expose tape
  • Place heatsink on now exposed tape on media streamer
  • Press pieces hard together. Tape is pressure activated and not a traditional adhesive

Now the technical details because size matters
Passively cooled oversized Aluminum Heatsink and one piece of 3M thermally conductive adhesive tape for Google Stadia, Chromecast 2, 3, Chromecast Ultra and other media streaming players. Also helps while casting from Quest to Chromecast. Used to reduce surface temperature on the media streamer for smoother video playback and longevity.

35mm (1-3/8 inches) Diameter Plastic Hole Plug - Black, 10 Pack
GTIN: 00851436008005
SKU: USH-coolercc